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Many years of experience from cuts to color and extensions to everything else has formed Mera into a highly sought after hair stylist. She has trained in New York and Los Angeles with some of the leading professionals at Bumble & Bumble and Oribé.

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Hair Cuts

Getting your hair trimmed regularly makes your hair grow faster? Well, it’s pretty accurate. It’s not going to grow out of your head faster but the ends will not break off and thus it will get longer. The average hair growth is ½ an inch a month. After 3-4 months your hair has grown an approximate 1 ½ - 2 inches. However, it has also most likely been washed, blow dried, curled, exposed to the sun countless times and the ends fray and break if not very well taken care of. If you trim the ends just a bit every few months then you save them from breaking off and splitting higher than you would like and leaving very tattered looking ends. This allows your hair to get longer.

Hair Color

Coloring one’s hair has so many uses. Cover up grays, help your look lighten up, darken down, warm up, cool down, add a punky flair or totally change your appearance. It can be just for fun or a total necessity to look and feel good about yourself. It is an art. There are many factors that go into nailing down the best color for you. It is fun and exciting and a very creative process. Hair color can also lighten in the sun and get very brassy if not properly cared for with the right products and regularly refreshed in the salon. So not only do roots need to be touched up but a full color should be done once in a while to keep the ends looking brilliant as well.


Want a more natural looking color? Hair naturally has many colors in it. Some strands are lighter, some darker, some warmer, some cooler, etc. If you want your color to look closer to the way it naturally grows out, then highlights and/or lowlights is the way to go. This coloring technique can be applied with a very fine, well blended weave or it can be adjusted to create more lightness around your face to make it pop if that is the look you are going for. You can custom highlights to really get the look you want.


The ultimate in lightening customization is balayage. It is the French word for sweep. Balayage is created by the sweeping motion of lightener applied to the hair. With balayage there is so much creativity put into selecting the right pieces to get movement, brightness and that soft lived-in color that makes you feel, well, for lack of a better word…hawt. There is no substitute for a beautiful balayage. You have to experience it.

Hair Extensions

Is your hair too thin or too short for your liking? There is a solution, hair extensions. There are many different kinds. Mera specializes in I-Tip extensions. Small sections of hair are threaded through a tiny cylinder and the I-Tip extension is inserted into the cylinder and the cylinder is clamped down to hold the extension in place. This form of extension creates seamless movement of your hair with the extensions so that they look so incredibly natural. It allows you the freedom to put your hair up if you want, wash it normally, etc. Dreamcatchers is her preferred brand and the hair can last up to 2 years with proper care. It can add thickness or length, depending on what you want.

Blow Outs

As women we don’t often pamper ourselves enough. Getting your hair washed, blow dried and styled should be a necessity, not a treat. Don’t you agree? So treat yourself, regularly! Mera uses Oribé products to indulge your hair it it’s finest treatment. A massaging shampoo of your hair and scalp and a moisturizing conditioning of your ends will leave you with a fantastic base upon which your hair will be blow dried and styled. Whether it’s a voluminous or sleek or beach wavy look, Mera will do whatever suits your mood.

Mera Daniells, Best Hair Stylist Park City

Meet Mera

With over 20 years of experience, Mera began cutting, styling and coloring hair at a young age and it has always been her passion. Through an early start working on film sets and live performances, the importance of precision and attention to detail brought her rapidly into a position where she was highly sought after for not only styles and cuts, but color work, complicated hair color correction and exceptional hair extension work. Her Argentinian roots and her passion for hair has brought her to Beverly Hills, New York, South America, Moscow and more. Before settling in Park City, Mera owned and managed a leading hair salon in Los Angeles where she acted as one of the lead stylist.

"It's not a matter of just cutting, styling or coloring hair — its a passion. The more passionate, skilled and exacting I can be, the more I can provide you with that shocking moment when you look even better than you imagined. I truly love and put my everything into this art and it rewards me back with individuals who walk away more confident and beautiful or handsome than ever. With everyone, I try to bring that red carpet experience to everday life. There is nothing I'd rather be doing than bringing out the beauty every man or women inherently has and that starts with understanding what you really want and sometimes helping get to a place you had only hoped was possible."

Experience in New York City with Bumble & Bumble University and further work with Oribé styling specialists have combined into a knowledge of primary color, color correction and complex styling to get results you will love.

Initial Consultation

Sometimes you just need peace of mind knowing that your hair needs and wants are understood. You might have sat in a salon chair and not known how to describe what you wanted exactly or you described it perfectly and were horribly misunderstood by the stylist. Mera understands how frustrating that all can be and is actually known for her very thorough consultations and her ability to really help the client as needed to fully nail down the look they are going for. The proper amount of care will be taken with every consultation so that you are confident you are in good hands and will be happy with the results of the service(s).

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